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Abhipsa Mishra

Assistant Professor 

Research & Publications

Journal Articles:

  • Social Media-An Aid for Collaborative Learning among the Student Millenials, The ASTHA Souvenir Vol-IV, ISBN: 978-93-5396-594-2020
  • Work-Life Balance: A Trademark of Employee Wellness & Happiness, The ASTHA Souvenir, Vol-III, ISBN: 978-93-5346-606-0,2019
  • Girls Burn Brighter by Sobha Rao- A book review, ANWESHAN- ASTHA’s Management Journal, Volume-II, Issue-1, ISSN:2582-1504,2019
  • A Study on HR Initiatives Undertaken During Corporate Restructuring At Pantaloons, ANWESHAN- ASTHA’s Management Journal, Volume-II, Issue-1, ISSN: 2582-1504,2019
  • I Do What I Do: A Book Review, ANWESHAN- ASTHA’s Management Journal, Volume-I Issue-1,ISSN:2582-1504,2018
  • Employee Turnover: A Study at IT sector, Journal of Economics, Mngt & Technology, Volume-III, ISSN; 2278-5175, 2014