Campus life @ASTHA

The mission of campus life for students of ASTHA is to provide an enriching and supportive environment that fosters personal growth, academic excellence, and professional development. This includes creating opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities that promote leadership, teamwork, and community involvement.


ASTHA Campus Life also provides resources and support to help students navigate the challenges of life and prepare for their future careers. This includes access to career services, academic advising, mental health resources, and other support services.


Ultimately, the mission of campus life for management students is to help  develop into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to succeed both academically and professionally, while also contributing positively to their communities and society as a whole.



Student & Campus Life serves all ASTHA students  and strives to promote an educational environment where the students can thrive in pursuit of their  academic and personal goals, and therefore, navigate and experience life at ASTHA.


Whether campus is small or  big-tall, students , are probably amazed by the array of institutionally supported student activities available for your enrichment and enjoyment. Perhaps your biggest challenge is deciding how much extra time you have after studying and which added activities yield the greatest reward.


it’s very important for students to be able to explore cocurricular interests—for learning, enjoyment, and personal satisfaction. Student life should always be satisfying and rewarding to students, as well as to alumni, faculty, staff, and community members.


Benefits Yield of Participating in Student Life :

Business education, as one of the most versatile and multifaceted subject areas, necessitates maximum exposure to realistic acumen and skillsets in today’s time. Moreover, the subject of management education has undergone significant advancement with the rolling of the years.


How is it that becoming fully involved in student life can have such a positive impact on student satisfaction and academic success?


Student success is directly linked to student involvement in the institution. In fact, the higher the level of student involvement is, the higher student grades are and the more likely students are to encouraged for the next semester. All of this seems to translate to satisfaction. The following lists some of the many benefits and rewards that result from active participation in campus and student life.

  • Personal interests are tapped: Cocurricular programs and activities encourage students to explore personal interests and passions. As students pursue these interests, they learn more about their strengths and possible career paths. These discoveries can be lasting and life-changing.

  • A portfolio of experience develops: Experience with just about any aspect of ASTHA life may be relevant to a prospective employer. Students gain leadership experience in organizing different activities.
  • Fun leads to good feelings: Students typically pursue cocurricular activities because the activities are enjoyable and personally rewarding. Having fun is also a good way to balance the stress of meeting academic deadlines and studying intensely.
  • Social connections grow: When students are involved in cocurricular activities, they usually interact with others, which means meeting new people, developing social skills, and being a part of a community. It’s always good to have friends who share your interests and to develop these relationships over time.
  • Awareness of diversity expands: The multicultural nature of students is increasingly reflected and celebrated on ASTHA campuses today. You will see this not only in the classroom but also in the cocurricular activities and events. Facilities extended to students for opportunity to explore different cultures and prepare to live, work, and thrive in a vibrant campus.
  • Self-esteem grows: When a desire knocks the door to flourish, students pursue their special interests through cocurricular activities, it can be a real boost to self-esteem. Academic achievement can certainly be a source of affirmation and satisfaction, but it’s nice to have additional activities that validate special contributions in other ways.

All in all, being involved in the campus community is vital to every student, and it’s vital to the institution, too. It’s a symbiotic relationship that serves everyone well.


The key to getting the most out of college is to take advantage of as many facets of student life as possible while still keeping up with your academic commitments. That’s pretty obvious, right? What may be less obvious is that focusing exclusively on your academic work and not getting involved in any of the rich and diverse cocurricular activities on campus can come at a real price and even hamper your success.


Our Student Speaks

Dipanshi Das (Batch-2022-24)

ASTHA is my second home. It is a place where I got transformed from a student to a professional management candidate. The faculties here are very supportive and always guide us. Textbook teaching is not the only way of teaching here. Different outbound activities, modern & innovative support are unique. These things helped us a lot to develop ourselves in every aspect. Banita Biswasray I am very lucky to join ASTHA school of management.

Sruti Sahoo(Batch-2022-24)

Doing MBA at ASTHA is a life-time experience for me. Learning different aspects of management from faculties having industrial exposure has truly brought an transformation in me. Honing my managerial skill sets by the help of CIAC and then getting the final placement at Reliance Digital does elevate me to the next level of my life journey. I am ever obliged to my alma mater for providing me with this life-changing opportunity.

Srusti Prasad Nath (Batch-2022-24)

These 2 years have been a fever dream .never had I thought I would be doing what I absolutely love.  Thanks to all the teachers and mates who have been supportive and understanding throughout this journey. Special thanks to ASTHA for making me believe in me. I truly am grateful.

Subham Thatoi (Batch-2022-24)

They said ASTHA and I heard believe. I believed in this institution and now I can proudly say the decision was right. Complete transformation is not just a tagline rather than I see the changes within myself which a management student requires.

Subhakanta Mohapatra (Batch-2022-24)

ASTHA believes in complete transformation. That’s what I have seen in me since last 2 years. Faculties play a vital role in every person’s life and Choosing ASTHA is one of the best decisions I have even taken in my life. The ASTHA advantages of learning environments is fabulous. The taught us we are never busy to develop ourselves.

Neha Pravakar Nayak (Batch-2022-24)

ASTHA school of management is a bonafide institute. Its management and faculties are good and very friendly. ASTHA’s campus and environment are filled with nature. Its learning system is quite attractive for students. It provides all types of skill development facilities for us, yes I believe the “complete transformation” happens in ASTHA.

Subudhi Mandira (Batch-2022-24)

ASTHA brings opportunity of unlimited learning. I feel proud to be part of ASTHA family. ASTHA does not provide only education but also teach how to be master of your own schedule, you learn how to manage time effectively, and you get to decide how you want to live as a growing young adult. In this 2 years ASTHA gives me lots of sweet memory which will help me grown in my life. Things end but memories last forever.