Program Outcomes



The foremost outcome of ASTHA’s efforts and the core of its activity as the attributes of its graduates who are expected to reach their full potential whether as a global citizen or as a leaders in an competitive environment ASTHA’s Academic Council, has therefore, adopted a clear statement of Graduate Attributes aimed at providing a grapnel to its students, the essence of the program to study, while providing an enduring impression and impact to their ASTHA experiences. Our graduate attributes conveys a strong message to potential employers and other stake holders of the qualities explored  by a ASTHA Graduate. They gain an in-depth knowledge on the subject area during two years full time program here at ASTHA.



They are able to acquire capacity & potential to engage in, self reflection as lifelong learning. They too possess transformation skills inclusive of team building. Leadership skill, creative & critical thinking skills along with excellent communication suitable during employment and professional career. They are imbibed with a ton of capacity to take-up social & civic responsibilities in a desired manner to work for the community and for the society as well. They too bear a deep understanding and respect all, diversity & other cultures. As responsible citizen of India, their adherence to the highest standards of ethical behavior is remarkable. During their learning in the program they too have inherited attributes such as:



Knowledge of Business Management and encouraging technologies, Business Research and Business intelligence, Problem solving skills and Decision making, Team work & resolve conflicts, Ethical behavior & adaptability, To remain dedicated for the nation and community.