MBA Program Specialization


Finance empowers  with knowledge and skills in analytical thinking, continuous processes, managerial decision concepts, maintaining a balance between risk and profitability, coordination processes and centralised nature.

List of Electives
3rd Semester Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Financial Derivatives
Management Accounting
Project Appraisal and Finance
4th Semester Direct Taxation
Behavioural Finance
Mergers, Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring


HR role has transformed into a more strategic role; in recent times and need to understand business strategies, drivers, handling resources and employee engagement. Helps to understand global markets, improve communication and time management skills and network with peers.

List of Electives
3rd Semester Manpower Planning
Employee Relations
Compensation and Benefit Management
Performance Management System
4th Semester Team Dynamics at work
Strategic HRM
Human Resource Metrics & Analytics


Marketing helps to advance and prepare for management and leadership roles. This also equip with to equip with communication skills one need to easily land the best marketing jobs in business development, advertising and marketing. One should acquire these skills required for leadership positions.

List of Electives
3rd Semester Consumer Behaviour
Sales & Distribution Management
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Service Marketing
4th Semester Retail Marketing
Branding & Advertisement
B2B Marketing


Operations management looks at the underlying concepts of the production and operations function of an organization, and are generally divided into two areas. The first is the study of service operations, and the second is manufacturing or production operations.

List of Electives
3rd Semester Supply Chain Management & Logistic
Pricing & Revenue Management
Operations Strategy
Sales & Operation Planning
4th Semester Management of Manufacturing System
Sourcing Management
Operations Research Applications


Systems Management is primarily concerned with the incorporation of business processes with technology. The key skill is the understanding of various hardware and software platforms and the ability to determine the exact IT requirements of an organization based on its processes and manual systems.

List of Electives
3rd Semester Data Mining for Business Decisions
Management of Digital innovation
E-Commerce and Digital Markets
Managing Digital Platforms
4th Semester Business Analytics
Managing Software Projects
E-Commerce and ERP