Wi-Fi enabled campus (24X7 availability)


Wi-Fi enable campus facilitates to provide 24X7 internet connectivity. Such facility helps in providing teaching as well as learning environment. Having access to internet 24X7 management students & staff able to utilize the services to accomplish their assignments. This feature emphasizes a blend of modern form of technology and functionality. Thus, It has revolutionized  the entire knowledge delivery system.

Air Conditioned, Technically-aided

Classrooms for comfortable learning experience.


By regulating the temperature of a classroom, students are able to concentrate even when temperature outside is soaring. This also benefits faculties who are able to deliver and keep engaging the students with effective lessons. The learning system is never hampered by warmer weather condition. It helps to create a good learning atmosphere that creates to prevail by an acceptable temperature in classes.

Anti Ragging Measures


Ragging is a disturbing reality in the higher education system. However, to curve the menace of ragging the institute has a ragging committee & ragging squad for ensuring “no incident” in its campus. Any conduct by any student whether by word spoken, written, any other act or indulging in physical abuse, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness are dealt with atmost severity. Discipline as a prime factor of the institute, students keep away from indulging themselves in a rowdy or undisciplined activities. Various displayed boards are emplaced inside the campus.

Conference room


The conference room in the campus is all in shape & sizes and ideal venue for meetings. Conference room help to make our meetings run more smoothly. It is quiet & a private space where faculties and administrative officers feel happy sharing information & ideas. It also provide a comfortable & professional settings & hence can count on getting the most from our team and making the best possible impression. The conference room is named as “CHANAKYA”, offers adequate seating and desk space that contributes in easy to focus on the business of the day & issue, related. All meetings run without a hitch & is equip with projector & display screen with 24X7 internet connectivity.

Computer Lab


The computer lab is fully set to facilitate training for IT skills. It has 90 systems with latest configuration. The lab is well adorned for online exams and selection tests. Qualified technical staff offer timely guidance. High speed internet connectivity is provided in the campus of the institute to ensure uninterrupted and consistent connectivity. We, therefore, strive to various measures to raise the level of digital consciousness and competency of the students to acclimatize them to the contemporary digital environment. With this objective in view, ASTHA has established the ICT based teaching-learning system. ICT enabled classroom, seminar hall and lab make the mission of institute authority successful.

Digital Language Lab (Antara) to improve communication skills.


ANTARA, the language Lab is a dedicated place for learning language where our students access audio-visual materials, Faculties allow them to listen and manage their voices which are delivered to Peers, individuals and groups, respected and loved ones. Language Lab helps developing effective communication skills. It aids soft skills development and facilitates remedial teaching to reduce Mother Tongue Influence (MTI). The lab is digitally supported by Odell & iTalk.

Girls Common Room


The space has been designed to give female students a place to relax, study and have informal discussions in free time available. The girls common room is the place where they sit, rest & go for recreation. It has also provisions of indoor games a various ready materials. It gives the girls students a relief from the stress & strain of continuous session. Sometimes the student leaders address the general students on various issues & utilize the provision at optimum.

ANNAPURNA-Modern Canteen with 24 hours nutritious food services.


The campus has a modern and professionally run canteen, which is very spacious. The students & staff reach to this canteen for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks as per the scheduled time. They relax in canteen and have healthy & hygienically prepared tasty, delicious food & refreshments. It is a favourite hunt during tea breaks. The staff of the institute manage the canteen with utmost sincerity and time management. The staffs are soft spoken and gentle professionals in the field of hospitality management. The modern canteen has fly and insect killer machine, and therefore, it can shun away the unwanted insects from the surroundings.

OB Lab (Cetas)


Organisation Behavioral Lab has been set up to conduct behaviourial research, focus groups and behaviourial modification. Through different pedagogy we assess and develop the personality of students. Focus group explores a variety of possibilities to solve situational problems. It helps the group under study, to come up with novel thoughts and ideas related to organisational issues. Exploring self through human lab activities is another facet of Cetas.

Provision of E-Library (AAKAANKSHA)


ASTHA Library “AAKAANKSHA” store the energy that fuels the imagination. Well maintained and well stocked library with more than 5000 books. The institute Library provide high quality scientific information resources and services to support the academics, research and development of the Institution. Students, faculties and community as well yield Libraries are community hubs. They connect people to information and connect people to people.

ASHIANA & AASHA- the boys & girls hostel of the campus


The campus has two decent hostels for both boys and girls students. Both the hostels are equipped with modern amenities to facilitate the students a congenial environment to stay & study in the hostel. The students are provided with beds, cupboards & washing machines for their use. The hostel is governed by a set of rules & regulations and all the students are governed by the same. The hostel is treated as an extension of the campus facilities that of course a cheaper price tag. The hostel  has provisions of indoor games and being facilitated with 24X7 internet connectivity.

Soft Skill training program at regular intervals.


The MBA graduates can explore diverse roles in the business world that require excellent soft skills. These include verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, listening skills, negotiation skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills amongst others. It’s important to get the most out of MBA experience, and furthermore, in post-MBA career, having a well-rounded skillset is imperative. MBA students who ensure their portfolio of soft skills is well-rounded and highly-developed will be invaluable when it comes to making a business successful.

Seminar Hall


200-seater fully advanced auditorium enables large meeting learning sessions. Seminars, Symposiums, Orientation programmes and Workshops enhance the capabilities of the participants. Anandita serves as a venue for both academic & cultural occasions.

Meditation Centre (ADHYAN)

Refresh, Recharge & Relax

The mission ASTHA meditation centre “ADHYAN” is to provide a peaceful and supportive environment for all employees and students  to learn and practice meditation. The primary goal of a meditation centre is to help all to achieve inner peace, reduce stress, improve mental and emotional well-being, and develop greater self-awareness and mindfulness. Stress is a common experience in everyday life, and it can be caused by a variety of factors, such as work pressure, family issues, financial difficulties, and health problems. Meditation is the only answer.

Separate Future-ready Training Room


Employability of students is determined not just by their business knowledge but by their ability to navigate the world of work. The students placement team frequently organizes training & workshops that  are geared to equip students with good communication, life & professional skills. Frequently eminent members from industries are invited to give a hands on scenario of the corporate world activities & the skills they hunt in a student. All these activities help students to face professional challenges & personal situations with ease & confidence.

Transportation to ensure travelling conveniences.


Institute is providing high quality education, cutting-edge infrastructure, highly educated and experienced faculty. Institute transportation has gained a lot of importance due to increased safety treats to students.  To ensure better security to students the institute has a rich transportation management system. Campus bus transport system offers a complete solution. By optimum route planning the transports move for the purpose. The institute has pick- up & drop facility and thus students safety becomes paramount.

Open Gym- Combats Body & Mind 

To make the gym a priority on campus, ASTHA offers as flexible class schedules to accommodate gym time, organize fitness challenges or events, provide access to personal trainers or fitness classes, and ensure that the gym facilities are well-maintained and easily accessible to students. Additionally, promoting the benefits of exercise and creating a culture where fitness is valued can help make the gym a central part of campus life. In summary, open gyms in the campus offer numerous advantages, including convenience, health benefits, stress relief, socialization opportunities, academic support, access to equipment, establishment of healthy habits, support for student athletes, promotion of diversity in physical activity, and increased campus engagement.

VEG Cafeteria (AHARA) 

ASTHA cafeteria is named as “AHARA”, often bustling hubs of activity on campuses, offering a variety of food options to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. From quick bites between classes to leisurely snacks with friends, the cafeteria serves as a central gathering place for students, faculty, and staff alike. The campus cafeteria, facilitates simple self-serve stations to expansive dining halls with varieties of taste, offering a cuisine to comfort food favourites.