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Prafulla Kumar Padhi

Prafulla Kumar Padhi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research & Publications


  • Basic Accounting and Finance for IT Professionals, Notion Press, ISBN: 0000000-49705-9
  • Bharat Diversity and Business Management, Notion Press, ISBN: 0000000-50038-3

Journal Articles:

  • The Role of CSR in Real Estate Development: Impact on Project Marketing and Negotiations, Korea Review of International Studies, Volume 16, Special Issue 10, 153-163, ISSN – 1226-4741, (ABDC)
  • Time Series Analysis: An Application of SARIMA Model in General Trade to Forecast Sales, Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 25(03), 55-68 (Scopus)
  • Niranjan Mohanty, Dr. Subash Chandra Nath & Dr. Prafulla Kumar Padhi (2022). Analytical Study of PSUs’ Environmental and Philanthropic CSR, Benefits to Local Beneficiaries in Odisha. YMER, YMER || ISSN: 0044-0477 VOLUME 21: ISSUE 8 (Aug) – 2022, PP- 660-675, 10.37896/YMER21.08/55 (Scopus)
  • Dr. Prafulla Kumar Padhi, Dr. Manoj Gadre, and Dr. Rajesh Devasia (2022). Impact of Informative and Persuasive on Personal Selling: BPL Mobile- A Case Study. International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering & Management (IJIREM) ISSN: 2350-0557, Volume-9, Issue-5, October 2022 ijirem.2022.9.5.8 Article ID IJIR-1256, Pages 59-63 (ICI)
  • Dr. Prafulla Kumar Padhi (2020). Trends and Developments of Digital Marketing and Digital Ecosystem Model for Rural Market Growth in India. Journal of Critical Reviews’ 19&year=2020, 11123-11145) (Scopus)
  • Dr. Prafulla Kumar Padhi (2022). ADOPTION AND BENEFITS OF INSURTECH, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, CUSTOMER RETENTION IN MOTOR INSURANCE: THE LITERATURES STUDY. Business, Management and Economics Engineering, Volume 20, Issue 2, Pages 1869-1884, Publisher VILNIUS TECH UNIVERSITY. ISSN: 2669-2481 / e ISSN: 2669-249X2022 Volume 20, Issue 2. (Scopus)
  • Barada Prasad Panigrahy, Subash Chandra Nath and Prafulla Kumar Padhi (2020), Activities, Marketing Strategies and Brand Performance of FPOS in Odisha – The Eastern State of India, International Journal of Management, 11(10), 2020, pp 1266-1287. (Scopus)
  • Padhi, P. K., Nath, S. C., & Mohanty, V. L. (2019). Cow Dung, Social Responsibility and Economic Development of Tribal Women: A Case Study in Sundergarh District. Orissa Economic Journal, Vol. 50, No. 1 & 2, Jan-June & July-Dec. 2018, pp 142-146. (UGC CARE)
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  • Padhi, P. K., Mohanty, V. L. & Nath, S. C. (2018). The influence of Western Ethics
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