Prof. (Dr.) Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty

Prof.(Dr.) Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty, Ph.D.     



In The Sphere Of: HR

Qualification: Ph.D. (Berhampur University), MBA(HR), LLB,  PGDM in IR&PM, PG Diploma


He is an MBA from MG University, Shillong and a Master in Tourism Management from IGNOU besides PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is also an M. A in Economics from Ravenshaw College, M.Phil in Economics and also  a Bachelor of Laws, from Utkal University. Professor Mohanty is also a PhD degree holder from Berhampur University, Odisha. He worked as an Associate Professor- HR & Humanities in Center for Management Studies, Odisha Engineering College and served   as a Professor & Dean, School of Business, ASBM University. As a Professor in Human Resources Management he served in Biju Patnaik Institute of IT and Management Studies (BIITM), Bhubaneswar before joining ASTHA S.M. During this long career spanning around 38 years, he worked for 22 years as an Economic Planner in the State Planning Machinery of the Planning & Coordination Department, Govt. of Odisha that involved assignments like: Economic Plan Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes at the State and Sub-State levels. He also worked for 8 years in the Distinct Planning & Development Unit, Ganjam and apart from preparing local area development plans he was also engaged in preparation of specific target oriented Micro Plans for the development of Block, Village & Tribal pockets in ITDA and Non ITDA areas. Prof. Mohanty has served as a Technical Consultant to Industrial Management Consultant of Odisha, an NGO which undertakes socioeconomic surveys, Health Sector NRHM planning, Total Literacy Campaign (TLC) under National Literacy Mission (NLM).   He has experience in impacting training Government functionaries on decentralized planning, conducting evaluation studies of plan projects. Having a fascination for research, his participation in National and international seminars and publications adds substantial value to his profile.



  • Ph.D. and M.Phil from Berhampur Uinversity, Odisha.
  • MBA (HRM) from MG University Shillong.
  • Master in Tourism Management (MTM) from IGNOU
  • PG Dip in Journalism & Mass Comm., IGNOU
  • PG Dip in IR & PM, Bharatiya Bidya Bhawan, New Delhi
  • Bachelor in Law from Utkal University, Odisha.

Research Interest

  • Knowledge Management
  • Talent Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Sector services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development Models

Teaching Interest

  • Organizational behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance Management
  • Team Dynamics
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Environment

Training & Consultancy


  • Soft Skill & Personality Dev pre-placement resource person
  • Visiting Resource person on contract for PRIs at CENDRET, XIMB
  • Visiting Resource person – Decentralised planning at NTRD PR, Hyd.


  • Consultant and advisor to Industrial Management Consultant of Odisha (IMCO) an NGO for socioeconomic surveys, evaluation studies
  • Consultant to CENDERET, XIMB on Networking Project for Social Mobilization Mapping, sponsored by UNICEF.
  • Consultancy contract with Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) Review of Literature Pertaining Community Forest Resource Rights (CFR) under FRA 2006 and Preparation of Literature Review Report”.