Rules & Regulations BPUT

Rules & Regulations BPUT


1.0 Duration of Curriculum and Calendar

1.1 Each year shall be divided into two Semesters – Autumn Semester (July to December) and Spring Semester (January to June). The Autumn semester shall ordinarily begin in July for students already on rolls and the Spring semester shall ordinarily begin in January. However, the first semester (Autumn, for newly admitted students) may begin a little later depending on completion of admission process and formalities. But the End term examination for 1st Semester of MBA shall be held in the last week of December irrespective of the teaching days available in the semester. For this, the Institutes may take additional classes per week to cover up the courses lagging due to late commencement of 1st Semester classes.The number of teaching weeks in subsequent semesters shall be fifteen to eighteen with a minimum of 90 teaching days per semester excluding the period of examination.

1.2 Each year the University shall draw out a calendar of academic and associated activities, which shall be adhered to. The same is non-negotiable. Details of curricula and syllabi shall be as decided by the Academic Council with provision for modification from time to time as per the needs of the specializations concerned.

1.3 Duration : The duration of the program shall be governed by the regulations of AICTE that may change from time to time. As per the prevailing regulations, MBA program is of two years (Four Semesters) duration. A weaker student can complete a two year program in not more than four years.

2.0 Eligibility for Admission :

2.1 Admissions to different courses of the University shall be based on criteria decided by the Academic Council of the University in accordance with the stipulations of AICTE / UGC, modified as necessary. There shall be provision for direct admission for a limited number of NRI / FN students. Details of criteria for admission shall be as per provisions of the rules formulated for the purpose.

Prescribed Fees

Description of Items Fee (Rupees)
Duplicate Registration Card 100/-

Migration Certificate 100/-

Duplicate / Additional Grade Sheet per year 100/-

Correction / Change of Name in Degree Certificate 200/-

Duplicate Degree Certificate 500/-