Best Practice I

Competency Incubator & Assessment Centre classes for grooming individuals


Competency means capability. In the context of management, competency is a set of demonstrable characteristics that enables performance. CIAC integrates the prescribed MBA curriculum with managerial competencies. The managerial competencies include business environment know-how, subject knowledge, creative & analytical thinking, communication and soft skills. It also includes abilities like proactivity, patience, determination, emotional control, respectfulness etc… A conceptual incubator is in place that instills requisite attributes in the students. This is required to nurture the students’ professional competencies to make them employable and self-reliant.

The Assessment Centre method, a popular HR tool, is used for evaluation, proper feedback and further training. Some of the techniques used by the Assessment Centre are:
• Business Presentations and Sectoral round-ups
• Ad reviews & Creating ads
• Food-fare business
• Management & Stock games
• Outbound activities
• Simulations
• Case Analysis
• Group Discussions
• Personal Interviews
This model integrates all the activities and events that develop students’ competencies.

Shaping attitude 

Developing skills

Knowledge assessment

Leveraging managerial competencies