Priti Rachayeeta

Priti Rachayeeta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research & Publications


  • Reviewed books on ‘Financial Institutions and Markets’ and on ‘Working Capital management’
  • Compiled a book on ‘Company Laws’ for BBA students
  • Prepared Standard Operating Procedures for Allstate Insurance Process, Genpact, while training in the United States (July 2007-Sept 2007).

Journal Articles:

  • Rachayeeta P, Patnaik B.C.M, & Satpathy I – Skill Development in MSME- An Observation, published in International Journal in Management and Social Science (IJMSS), Vol-3, Issue-12, December 2015, Impact factor- 4.358, ISSN-2321-1784, pp-413-419.
  • Rachayeeta P, Patnaik B.C.M, & Satpathy I – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)- An Indian Perspective, published in International Research Journal of Commerce and Law, Vol-2, Issue-12 (December 2015), ISSN-2349-705X, Impact factor- 2.917, pp-15-24
  • Rachayeeta P, Patnaik B.C.M, & Satpathy I- Skill Deficiency of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)- A Review of Literature- Published in International Journal of Research in IT & Management, ISSN-2231-4334, Vol-5, Issue-12 (December 2015), I.F- 4.961, pp- 46-55
  • Rachayeeta P, Patnaik B.C.M & Satpathy I – Issues of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India, published in International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, Vol-5, Issue-6, May 2016, ISSN-2278-0211, pp-1-5, IF-6.19
  • RN Swain, P Rachayeeta- Financial pattern of manufacturing sector & Its impact on financial performance: A review of Indian companies, South Asian Journal of Marketing &Management Research, Year 2014,Vol 4, Issue 1, pg 85-88, ISSN: 2249-877X
  • Ms. Priti Rachayeeta, Dr. Sisira Kanti Mishra & Dr. BCM Patnaik- Corporate Governance in India- A Survey of Literature
  • Ms. Priti Rachayeeta, A comparative study on skill deficiency of Micro, small & medium enterprises (MSME) in Odisha, Parikalpana: KIIT Journal of management, Bhubaneswar Vol 15, Iss. ½ (Dec 2019) 287-288