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Sharmila Subramanian,Ph.D.
Professor & Principal

Research & Publications


  • “Essentials of Communicative English” (2013), Author: Subramanian, Sharmila, ISBN 978-81-8281-479-0, Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd.
  • Envisioning Sustainability for New Age Businesses (2017). Editor: Subramanian, Sharmila, ISBN 978-93-5281-513-5
  • Articles on Transforming Rural India: Mission 2030 (2019). Editor: Subramanian, Sharmila, ISBN 978-93-5382-804-2
  • Articles on Strategic Corporate Restructuring (2018). Editor: Subramanian, Sharmila, ISBN 978-93-5321-236-0

Journal Articles:

  • Indian Corporate Trainer’s Choice: Methods for enhanced training engagement and effectiveness, PalArch’s Journal of Archeology of Egypt, 18(2), 997-1009. ISSN 1567-214x
  • Training People to Manage Ecotourism in Odisha during the Pandemic: A Qualitative Study, Wesleyan Journal of Research, Vol 14, 01 (II), Jan 21, ISSN:0975:1386
  • “Importance of Individual Performance in Banks- A Perceptual”, Anweshan Astha’s Management Journal, Vol 2: 1, January 2019, ISSN 2582-1504
  • “Value Testing Tool Framework for Banking Staff Selection” Anweshan Astha’s Management Journal, Vol 2: 1, January 2019, ISSN 2582-1504
  • “Need for Documenting Non-Verbal Cues for Analysing Interpersonal Speech Communication”, Language in India, Vol 19:7 July 2019. ISSN 1930-2940
  • “Building Brand Identity Using Nationalism- A Study on Commercial Messages in the Indian TV”, Language in India, Vol. 13:9 September 2013. ISSN 1930-2940
  • “A Forward Looking Business Communication Course for B-Schools”, PRATIBIMB- Management Journal, Vol. 1, 2, (2001). ISSN: 0972-5466
  • “An ‘Open Eye and Ear’ Approach to Managerial Communication”, VISION-The Journal of Business Perspective. Vol. 10, 2, (2006). ISSN: 0972-2629
  • “Performance Oriented Interventions and Competencies Thereof”, SHRAM SARATHI- The NALCO Journal, (Jointly authored), (2007).

A Chapter in a Book:

  • “Human Competence in Integrated Performance Management System- Looking Beyond Performance Measurement”, Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness. Prashant Gupta Rajesh Kumar Jain &UpinderDhar (Eds.) Mumbai: Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd. (2007).
  • “Code-Mixing to Influence Customers- kamala ka Corporate Andaaz!” Management Communication: Trends and Strategies. A. Kaul& SK Gupta (Eds). New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill (2006, Paper presented at the Sixth Asia Pacific ABC Conference on Management Communication, IIMA, December 14-16, 2006
  • “Developing Communication Competence for Retail Salesforce”, Emerging Trends in Retail Management. New Delhi: Excel Publications (2008).
  • Master’s Thesis-“Response Feature Marketing at the New Indian Express”, NIHRD, (1999) unpublished.