Unique Features


“ASTHA AVISHEK” is the induction program for the newly admitted MBA students of ASTHA School of Management held every year in the month of August. It is followed by a week – long of different activities like seminars, symposiums, games, quizzes etc., known as ASTHA Induction Week.


PRAKALPA – Recognizing Research Talent, is the annual contest that identifies the best Summer Internship Program (SIP) done by management students of different institutions and universities of the state. The contest provides an excellent opportunity to budding professionals to showcase their learning from their Summer Training Projects. It is open to the students of Post Graduate Management program who have completed their summer training. Apart from learning and networking opportunity, the participants also get an opportunity to win cash prizes.


Based on the tested doctrine of “A sound mind rests in a healthy body”, ASTHA encourages youth to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To promote health consciousness, ASTHA is into sporting activities like Badminton, Cricket, Handball and other traditional sports. These activities not only help participants to maintain a spirited health but also help them in actualizing managerial skills like leadership, co-ordination, team work, collaboration and so on.

Whack n’ Win, the annual mega sporting event of ASTHA School of Management is an open-door inter B-School Badminton Championship, where students from various B-Schools (B-School Round) and executives from different corporate houses (Corporate Round) clash for the title.


Y – Yoga- All yoga strives towards union with the highest of the spirit, the Self, the Divine or whatever other name or aspect we seize of the one Eternal and Infinite.
U Union– By union we mean first contact, constant and increasing, with the consciousness of the Divine or Infinite; then assimilate ourselves to it; last to enter into it and dwell in it, because that Divine consciousness, being essence of the essence and so abolishes division that separates us from the Divinity from which we came.

G – Grace – The action of the Divine grace is beyond description. It is a matter of one’s experience and realization. It is a Divine gift to the humanity in general who are conscious, ready, prepared and capable can receive the Divine grace.

M – Mother – The Mother is Sadhak and the one whom we adore as the Mother is the Divine conscious force that dominates all existence. The Mother is the consciousness and force of the supreme. Even the Mother’s grace is the sanction of the supreme.

A – Aum and Aspiration go together to fulfill the yoga of transformation. The aspiration is medium of achieving goal. So aspiration is the call in being for the Divine or for the higher things that belongs to the Divine consciousness.