Confluence of Education & Spiritualism For A Better Tomorrow


Y- Yoga

U- Union

G- Grace

M- Mother

A- Aum & Aspiration

That is the spirit of YUGMA…………..


The future of mankind depends on education. It is also said that the development of a nation is influenced by education. Education is of various types-physical, mental, psychic, spiritual, etc. The general aim of all types of education is to make the man worthy of living. The specific aim of spiritual education is to help a person to realize the divine consciousness and become a perfect instrument of its manifestation. Nowadays spiritual education has become the most necessary aspect of life. But it is so much necessary at present for the mental improvement of human beings that the valuable thoughts of the visionaries and educationalists regarding this type of education need to be followed at any cost to protect human civilization from going astray. Education is nothing but bringing out and nurturing the latent potentialities; integrating oneself with the self, and harmonious living of individual with society, country, and humanity to make oneself a complete being or integral human being.


YUGMA, is an innovative contest which not only  tests the social and articulatory skills of the participating youth, but also evaluates their creative and sublime thoughts. This all-India level event attempts to unite the young masses from across the nation through the guiding philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.