Institutional Distinctiveness



“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”.


The value of education should be measured by the values, it has inculcated among the learners. However, in the realm of profit-maximization, human values and spiritual goals have taken a back-seat. Thus, Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) have a greater responsibility in inducing values among the Youth. To accomplish this, HEIs need to organize courses, programmes and events that help the youth discover their virtuous selves.


ASTHA’s vision is to “produce globally competent management professionals …committed to develop the state…. and… contribute to the national growth…”. To accomplish this vision, the institute integrates all the aspects of education- the physical, the mental, and the conscience. Thus, the distinctive area of our priority is “addressing Human Conscience through education or holistic value-based education”. The following chart illustrates institution’s interventions to integrate human values and virtues with professional education:

Although these three programs are distinct and unique in their process and structure but the confluence of all the three said programs reinstate the objective of holistic education, thereby creating an evolved human being who is committed to the Self, to the Society and to the Divine.


Thus, ASTHA School of Management defines its Distinctiveness through these three programs which aims at integrating Virtues, Wisdom and Elated Human Conscience in professional education to promote Universal Well-being.